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Cankaya Group
Seven Promises

Being the best in our sector is our goal,
we will do whatever is necessary to achieve this,

We will do everything to be done on behalf of quality and cross the boundaries,
All that we do will guarantee our customers’ interests,
We will be consistent and be giving importance to details,
Our capital is out health, we will care our health for you,
We will not stick to classical solutions instead produce the very best ones,
And always be here and do this job for you.

Muhammed İkbal ÖZTÜRK


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We build constructions

that we makes you happy

Your investments

gain more value with us

1,000,000 Daily

Shirt Printing Capacity.


Çankaya Grup is active in areas of primarily consulting,
media, advertising, publishing, human resources, health,
investment, quality management and construction industry.

Çankaya Grup


As in our other fields of activity, we serve as a solution...

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By using all the new technological advantages offered by the information...

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With our creative, innovative and result-oriented work approach...

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We develop marketing strategies led by creativity and different ideas...

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As Çankaya Group, we steer the industry with our modern...

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We ensure that investors make the right choices by conducting...

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Our Brands

Cankaya Group has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
and TSE Service Adequacy certificate.