About Us


About us

Middle East Patent Office began its operations in 2004, without any compromising its principles and ideals in a short time it became a growing, developing, renewed face in its sector with an institutionalized identity. Middle East Patent Office has been indicated an example institution in its sector with its high reputation and prestige in the sector, understanding of quality above the standards, policy of keeping its objectives higher, principal of fulfilling the responsibilities on time and accurate.

In 2007 it was established by Muhammet İkbal ÖZTÜRK and Nasuhi ÖZTÜRK under the name of Cankaya Group and later acquired Middle East Patent.

Cankaya Group has been working hard to meet the requirements of companies’ consultancy and technical necessities of support while adapting them to a constantly evolving and changing business world.

Cankaya Group is active in areas of primarily consulting, media, advertising, publishing, human resources, quality management and construction industry.

Cankaya Group Companies Seven Promises

  • Being the best in our sector is our goal, we will do whatever is necessary to achieve this,
  • We will do everything to be done on behalf of quality and cross the boundaries,
  • All that we do will guarantee our customers’ interests,
  • We will be consistent and be giving importance to details,
  • Our capital is out health, we will care our health for you,
  • We will not stick to classical solutions instead produce the very best ones,
  • And always be here and do this job for you.
All Solutions Single Point
We build constructions that we makes you happy.
Your investments gain more value with us.
1,000,000 Daily / Shirt Printing Capacity.

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Our Brand Strategy

Cankaya Group has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and TSE Service Adequacy certificate.

With this awareness in learning customer’s demand, demand analysis, creating solution according to demand, presenting the solution to the customer and with its work flow system in post solution service Cankaya Group has been created documents and guaranteed quality with building its Quality Management System on the subject matter documents.